Motorola Repairer FAQs

How long will I have to be without my Mobile Phone while it’s being repaired?

Most repairs are carried out within 3-4 working days; some high level repairs such as liquid damage can take longer.

What sort of parts do you use for repairs?

We only use best quality, innovative parts to replace your Motorola Phone Repair; all of our service is worth guaranteed and comes with 24 month warranty for parts replacement

What if my phone cannot be fixed or I select not to continue with repair after getting estimate?

If your phone is determined to be unrepairable or you don’t wish to stay with repair, you can either pay the return shipping fee plus consultation fee or have phone returned or you can request that the phone be rejected or recycled.

What is Unlocking?

Unlocking a phone means to release the restrictions that are put on it by manufactures. This is primarily done for the purpose of allowing the phone to be used with other carriers.

How are my private details treated? Will my details be conceded to anybody else?

We respect our customer’s privacy and as such your details will never be conceded  to any third party.





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